About Us

Elm Tree Textiles was set up with an intention to collect used clothing whilst raising funds for schools, charities, social and community groups.

The company has its own fleet of vehicles to collect clean, dry used clothing and textiles, and we collect throughout the South West of England bringing the Textiles collected to our Depot in Dorset.

We are currently running fundraising schemes with the following;

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • National and Local Charities
  • County Councils
  • Nurseries & Playgroups

All our textiles are collected from schools and textile banks all over the South West of England. A few of the larger organizations that benefit from our collection services include The Fire Fighter's Charity, The Children's Society, The Salvation Army and The Starlight Foundation.

The clothing and household textiles are sorted and graded and are sold abroad to provide an affordable source of clothing to communities in Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia.


Re-Think Re-Use Recycle

Despite being part of an educated, respectful and intelligent world, each and every year a million tonnes of items that we handle on daily basis end up in landfill sites across England.

Just to give you an idea, items like clothing, hand bags, belts, etc. are ending up in landfill in a quantity the size of Wembley stadium.

Our planet simply cannot sustain this level of waste, especially when 100% can be recycled or reused.

Here at Elm Tree Textiles, we are committed to accept this challenge and help to change the situation.

We try to reuse and recycle all our waste and if not we dispose of it in a responsible manner.

We ensure all environmental legislations, regulations and requirements are met along with our continuous effort to improve day by day.

We accept the challenge to protect environment and endeavour to reuse and recycle our own waste, generated in our offices and warehouses.
We try and contribute to reducing energy consumption, preventing pollution of land, air and water where possible, by using latest advice and technology.

We try to educate others regarding carbon footprint, including all our employees, suppliers, contractors, vendors and members of the public by way of sponsorship, websites, advertisement and by maintaining discipline in our own work places.   We monitor and set yearly target on environment performance and we try to improve on it every year.

Our business is linked with our policies,

We collect all used clothing, textile, handbags, belts, and other good quality items from Textile Banks.

Once sorted,

All the good quality cotton and tropical clothing is sent to poorer communities in Africa.

All the good quality heavy items go to the cold countries of Eastern Europe, Russia and to the public of other nations who cannot afford to buy new.

All the sweaters and other yarn quality goods are reused to produce yarn.

All the woollen and fire resistance quality goods are reused to produce items like wood, mattresses, sofas, car seats and chairs.

All the other remaining items are used by cutting them into wiper quality which is used in factories, garages and other industries for cleaning purposes.

We work with charities, councils, and other responsible organisations. Your donated and unwanted used clothing, textiles, handbags, belts and other good quality items help raise funds for projects, create employment opportunities and help to meet waste reduction targets.

At the same time, our service delivers something in all of our interests; it supports our environment by reducing the carbon footprint of our textiles.

Help us to help you and lets save our planet EARTH together.

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