Welcome to BearCat Collective

BearCat is a not for profit collective of artists and musicians, bringing affordable, hands-on, family fun, education and entertainment for all ages to village halls, shows, fetes & festivals across Wessex

Ths Dorset based organisation has teamed up with Elm Tree Textiles for another recycling initiative; washing, repairing, and rehoming toys for community events.

The BearCat Toy Swap Teepee visits local events, fairs and shows across Wessex throughout the summer months, giving young people a safe place to explore, read, meet new friends and play. There is also a ToySwap & Crafts area at rural village hall events organised by BearCat Collective throughout the year.

How does it work? Kids are free to visit the ToySwap as often and for as long as they like. They can choose something to take and leave a contribution that they feel is a fair in exchange, either toys and/or donations posted in the big bear money box; instigating discussion on reuse, value, worth and repairing items. Contributions received help to support the collection, transportation, sorting, cleaning, storing and displaying of swap shop swaps. Contributions also help provide the means to ensure unwanted items are passed on to other groups, reused, recycled or disposed of correctly.

What the SwapShop achieves: Helps reduce landfill. Reduces fossil fuel depletion. Illustrates the true worth of goods. Enables useful items to be reused. Reduces the need for new raw materials. Helps to reduce the burden on council tax. Enables people to unclutter without worry. Demonstrates an alternative to solely using money.
To find out more, visit www.bearcatcollective.co.uk

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