Here at at Elm Tree Textiles we specialize in supporting fundraising projects and dealing with charitable organisations, schools and communities. We collect from their sites or on their behalf the unwanted clean dry used clothing that is deposited into our textile banks and we help them in raising funds to achieve their goals and targets. We are not a charity or charitable institution we are a business working in partnership with charities and other local organizations. We specialise in buying second hand clothes in their original condition which is then recycled by our associates and partners. 

Elm tree textile fundraising…

Here is a unique opportunity to raise funds for your school or group, help the environment and create job opportunities at home and abroad with minimum effort. Elm Tree Textiles is a business specialising in the collection and export of used clothing to retailers in emerging markets within Eastern Europe and Russia. Our aim is to provide high quality affordable clothing to people of those developing nations, whilst also recycling our own used and unwanted clothing. 

Elm Tree Textiles' Objectives…

We like to think of our three R’s as;


75% of our clothing ends up in landfill sites, only 25% is recycled. Discarded clothing currently makes up 12% of UK landfill sites. Each year there is 650,000 tonnes of textile waste, our planet simply cannot sustain this level of waste. Elm Tree Textiles is committed, hopefully with your help, to changing this situation. We work with schools, nurseries and playgroups to recycle used clothing. By educating our children on the importance of recycling, the concept can become part of everyday life for future generations.

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